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City of Philadelphia

Election Year Notice

* Update on Contribution Limits for the 2017 District Attorney's Race*  

As of December 30, 2016, the contribution limits for all candidates for District Attorney doubled to $6,000 for individuals and $23,800 for political committees and unincorporated business organizations.

Pursuant to the City of Philadelphia’s campaign finance law, if a candidate makes total contributions of $250,000 or more of his or her personal resources to his or her campaign, then the contribution limits for all candidates for that office shall be doubled.

As of December 30, 2016, Michael Untermeyer, a candidate for District Attorney, contributed $250,000 of his personal resources to his campaign.

Please review this advisory alert from the City's Board of Ethics for more information.
Disclosure of Campaign Contributions for Contractors and Applicants for Professional Services Contracts and Financial Assistance

Individuals and businesses whose principals, executives, directors, and partners contribute more than $3,000 (if an individual) or more than $11,900 (if a business) to an incumbent or winning candidate for City office are ineligible under City law for most non-competitively bid City contracts, subcontracts, or financial assistance. The law attributes political contributions solicited by a person or by an officer, director, controlling shareholder or partner of a business or affiliate to be a contribution of that person or business.

The disclosure requirements continue throughout the course of non-competitively bid contracts and for one year afterwards. Contractors must update their disclosures within five days of any reportable contribution during this period.

Moreover, State law prohibits the award of contracts with the City’s Board of Pensions and Retirement or the Sinking Fund Commission to an applicant or affiliated entity who has contributed any amount to an incumbent or candidate for City office within the last two years (applies to contributions made since December 17, 2009).

Please visit the eContract Philly web site for further information about these eligibility and continuing disclosure requirements. You may also contact the eContract Philly helpline with any questions about these requirements at 215-686-4914 or via email.