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Core Purpose

The Core Purpose of the Office of the Chief Integrity Officer is to uphold the public's trust by ensuring that the City operates with fairness and integrity, uncompromised by conflicts of interest, political affiliation, favoritism, or other unfair considerations.


Our Vision is that the City of Philadelphia is a model for ethical and transparent operations and instills public confidence.
Welcome to IntegrityWorks, the place to learn about why and how the City of Philadelphia operates honestly and ethically.
On a daily basis, each of us has something different to do. It could be collecting trash, listening to a developer’s plans, presenting your business proposal, or raising your children. None of those actions alone have much in common. Yet, each should be done with honesty and integrity.

IntegrityWorks is a site for City employees and officials, boards and commission members, vendors and the citizens of Philadelphia. Whether you are an employee and don’t know what to do with the fruit basket sent to your office by a vendor, or a prospective City vendor who is unsure if you can treat a City department head to dinner (hint: you can’t), IntegrityWorks is designed to give you the information you need quickly and easily.

There are ethics and contracting-related laws governing our actions which can be complex and, at times, difficult to comprehend. The Rules of the Road section attempts to address these inquiries in plain-English. And, the Who’s Who section explains who interprets and enforces those laws. In addition, the Resources section provides informal guidance on the most commonly asked questions.

Taxpayers deserve to have the City provide services and business opportunities with fairness and integrity - uncompromised by financial conflicts of interest, favoritism, political affiliation, or other unfair considerations. Good ethics is good business.

To learn more about the Office of the Chief Integrity Officer and how this position was created, take a look at the Executive Order.  And, for a more detailed overview, please review our Strategic Plan and related updates, which outline the Office’s accomplishments, current projects and progress on those projects, as well as, our future goals.

Please reach out to us with comments, questions or concerns.

Ellen Kaplan Chief Integrity Officer Stephanie Tipton Deputy Chief Integrity Officer