Fleet Manager
Christopher Cocci

A native Philadelphian, with the signing of Executive Order 5-93 by Mayor Edward G. Rendell, on 6 April 1993 created the Office of Fleet Management (OFM) to centralize the fleet management activities of the City into one unit. The personnel and facilities managed by the Office of Fleet Management were transferred from the Department of Public Property, Department of Streets , Police Department, Water, and Aviation Department’s Automotive Services Division. Chris, experiences and knowledge comes from the Department of Streets, where he had vast experiences in the automotive and truck repair fields. Being one of the four, original Assistant Fleet Manager, assigned to the operation of District Two the section of the City's fleet management program. He directed several repair facility locations comprised of a variety of motor vehicle repair and maintenance including support functions; he established and implements plans and strategies for achieving the objectives and goals of OFM. Projects future maintenance and repair resource requirements; assesses budgetary needs, recommends budget levels and controls the use of budgetary allotments; directs the control and maintenance of adequate inventory levels; makes recommendations on the purchase of vehicles, equipment, materials and supplies needed for work operations; monitors and controls expenditures to ensure they do not exceed budgetary allotments; coordinates procurement requirements with departmental administration officials, as well as vendor.


Directs the development and implementation of safety standards and procedures to be followed by staff personnel; ensures the continued development and training of subordinate workers; tours work sites, observing the progress of maintenance and repair activity; reviews work in progress and completed for conformance with established objectives, standards, safety and efficiency; observes overall effectiveness of existing processes and procedures to assess possible improvements.


Keeps up-to-date on municipal fleet technology and incorporates new technology into maintenance operations; ensures that personnel are trained on new fleet maintenance and repair techniques and procedures.