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Tower crane operator break resources

Since December 21, 2022, Philadelphia contractors must provide Tower Crane Operators with breaks. The law requires the following:

  • Tower Crane Contractors must require Tower Crane Operators to descend and then take a 30 minute break every 4 hours.
  • Tower Crane Contractors must allow Tower Crane Operators to access sanitary facilities upon request
  • Tower Crane Contractors must notify Tower Crane Operators of their rights under this law and how to file a complaint

Contractors must keep compliance records for two years, including proof that Tower Crane Operators were required to descend after four hours operating a tower crane and were provided with a 30-minute break, proof that Tower Crane Operators were allowed to access sanitary facilities upon request, and proof that they were notified of their rights and how to file a complaint.

It is illegal to interfere with, restrain or deny the exercise of, or the attempt to exercise, any right protected under this requirement.

Contact us about this law

Tower Crane Operators can file a complaint about violations with the Department of Labor by completing the Tower Crane Break complaint form below and emailing it to or calling (215) 686-0802. You can also file a lawsuit in court.

Contractors can contact the Office of Worker Protections in the Department of Labor for compliance assistance. For more information or to ask questions, email or call (215) 686-0802. Language access is available.

Name Description Released Format
Tower Crane Break Complaint Form PDF Use this fillable form to report a violation of Tower Crane Operator break requirements. January 19, 2023
Tower Crane Break Law PDF Chapter 9-3303 of the Philadelphia code. January 24, 2023
Notice Poster to Employees – Tower Crane Break Law PDF A printable poster with information about this law's requirements. Employers must post this information in an accessible location where other notices are posted. January 26, 2024
Tower Crane Operator Break Log Template PDF Template for tracking required breaks for Tower Crane operators June 1, 2023