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List of police shootings and incident summaries (2024)

The Citizens Police Oversight Commission (CPOC) oversees and investigates the conduct, policies, and practices of the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD). As part of their duties, CPOC reviews police shootings. The police department calls these officer-involved shootings.

To learn more about policies related to the use of force and police shootings, visit the PPD’s website.

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Investigation process

After a police shooting:

  1. Police Radio immediately notifies a list of contacts, including the executive director of CPOC. The CPOC investigation unit goes to the shooting location.
  2. Two units within the police department investigate the shooting. The Office Involved Shooting Investigation (OISI) team considers whether to recommend criminal charges. The Internal Affairs Shooting Team decides whether the shooting violated PPD policy.
  3. The police department and CPOC assess the evidence. Both groups review any audio and video footage. This may include footage from body-worn cameras.
  4. The police department may interview officers and other witnesses. PPD policy allows 72 hours for any officer who fired their gun to give a statement.
  5. The OISI Unit writes a report about the incident. The report summarizes the investigation and recommends criminal charges when appropriate. The OISI Unit sends the report to the police commissioner, the District Attorney’s Office, and CPOC.

Following the investigation:

  • A police officer may face criminal charges. The District Attorney’s Office makes any criminal charging decisions. This is a criminal proceeding.
  • The police department may also discipline an officer for violating PPD policy. CPOC sits on the Use of Force Review Board with PPD leadership. This board reviews the case to determine whether the shooting violated PPD policy. If it did, the police department may discipline or dismiss the officer. This is an administrative proceeding.

You can learn more about these two types of proceedings in our blog post.

CPOC’s role in shooting investigations

CPOC’s role in these investigations will expand in the future. This may include:

  • Observing more interviews by PPD investigators.
  • Reviewing more physical evidence and documents.
  • Issuing a report at the end of an investigation.
  • Recommending criminal charges, administrative sanctions, or policy changes.

2024 police shootings

Date Case number Location of shooting Police district Officer on duty or off duty? Civilian injury Officer injury Body-worn camera?
1/17/2024 24-02 2300 block of Borbeck Ave. 2nd On duty Killed No No
1/26/2024 24-03 2800 block of N. Mascher St. 25th On duty Killed Yes No
2/15/2024 24-04 300 block of Adams Ave. 2nd On duty Killed Yes Yes
4/10/2024 24-05 4700 block of Wyalusing Ave. 16th On duty Injured No Yes
4/15/2024 24-07 1000 block of W. Dakota St. 22nd On duty Unknown No No
4/20/2024 24-09 Unit block of E. Cliveden St. 14th On duty Injured No Yes
5/12/2024 24-12 2200 block of W. Oxford St. 22nd Off duty No Yes No

This table was updated on May 14, 2024.

Incident summaries

Name Description Released Format
January 17, 2024 incident summary (OISI case 24-02) PDF 2300 block of Borbeck Ave. February 12, 2024
January 26, 2024 incident summary (OISI case 24-03) PDF 2800 block of N. Mascher St. February 12, 2024
February 15, 2024 incident summary (OISI case 24-04) PDF 300 block of Adams Ave. February 22, 2024
May 12, 2024 incident summary (OISI case 24-12) PDF 2200 block of W. Oxford St. June 12, 2024