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Office of the Victim Advocate

Providing coordination, policy advocacy, and provider oversight to enhance services for victims and co-victims.

Office of the Victim Advocate

What we do

The Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA) works on behalf of victims of violent crime in Philadelphia. OVA assists victims and their loved ones, also known as co-victims, by:

  • Assessing their needs.
  • Identifying viable short-term and long-term solutions.
  • Connecting them with resources and services.

Additionally, OVA works towards:

  • Addressing systemic barriers at both state and local policy levels.
  • Advocating for victims’ rights within law enforcement systems and city government.
  • Supporting local victim service agency partners to enhance services delivered and increase their capacity to serve victims.


100 S. Broad St.
Suite 440
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Submit a complaint or a request for assistance

You can use our contact form to request support from the Office of the Victim Advocate.


Adara L. Combs
Adara L. Combs, Esq.
Executive Director
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Heather Arias
Heather Arias
Deputy Director
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Camille Frazier Administrative Coordinator
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