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Office of LGBT Affairs


The Office of LGBT Affairs partners with a number of City and community organizations to protect and advocate for LGBTQ residents.

Our partnerships

Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations

Our office works closely with the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) to protect the rights of LGBTQ residents.

Contact PCHR by phone at (215) 686-4670 or via email at

LGBTQ Community-Police Relations

Deputy Commissioner Joel Dales works to improve safety and communications between LGBTQ communities and the Philadelphia Police Department.

Email the deputy commissioner at or contact our office for help with facilitating a conversation.

Greater Philadelphia Gay Officers Action League

The Greater Philadelphia Gay Officers Action League:

  • Advocates for and on behalf of LGBTQ+ first responders and military members.
  • Help educate first responders in LGBTQ+ competency.
  • Provide community outreach to advance relations between the LGBTQ+ public and first responder agencies.