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Photo by Portraits of Justice © 2018 Mural Arts Program / Russell Craig & Jesse Krimes, Municipal Services Building. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Office of Criminal Justice

Advancing collaborative reforms in Philadelphia's criminal and juvenile justice systems that produce racial equity and community safety.

Office of Criminal Justice

What we do

The Office of Criminal Justice (OCJ) advances the Kenney administration’s goals of public safety and community well-being by reforming Philadelphia’s criminal and juvenile justice systems. We advance collaborative and data-driven strategies that:

  • Foster meaningful community partnerships.
  • Identify and break down barriers to racial equity.
  • Increase opportunities for diversion away from the justice system.
  • Safely reduce the jail population.

OCJ also supports the following programs:

  • Police-Assisted Diversion (PAD)
  • Stepping Up Initiative
  • 911 Triage and Responder Strategy
  • Youth Arrest Reform Project (and Juvenile Assessment Center)
  • MacArthur Foundation Safety and Justice Challenge
  • Jail Population Management
  • Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB)


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 1430
Philadelphia, PA 19102

BHU data dashboard

Learn about the Police Department’s Behavioral Health Unit (BHU)

The BHU partners with behavioral health professionals to de-escalate crisis situations and connect individuals with supportive services.

View the dashboard


Name Job title Phone #
Joelle Anderson Operations Manager, Police-Assisted Diversion
Kurt August Director of the Office of Criminal Justice
(215) 686-3603
Benjamin Borchers 911 Triage Project Manager
Dominique Clark Juvenile Racial Equity Strategist
Michele Dowell Behavioral Health Strategist
Kea Greene Community Engagement and Communications Coordinator
Faith Harris Director of the Juvenile Assessment Center
Ayanna Lyons Racial Equity Strategist
Erin Sweeney Jail Population Manager
Lisa Varon Deputy Director of the Office of Criminal Justice
Kenneth Walker Assistant Program Manager, Police-Assisted Diversion
Noah White Assistant Program Manager, Police-Assisted Diversion
James Williams Assistant Program Manager, Police-Assisted Diversion
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