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City of Philadelphia


CLIP consists of several programs and agencies dedicated to improving the appearance of neighborhoods throughout the City of Philadelphia through the eradication of blight. These programs are designed to maximize effectiveness and efficiency by creating partnerships with residents and businesses to foster sustainable communities.

As you know, hard work, personal responsibility, and dedication are characteristics that have formed the backbone of our country. We ask that you continue this ideology by getting involved in your neighborhood and partner with our programs to make a difference. Our Community Partnership Program (CPP) is easily accessible and has the supplies and resources available for neighborhood cleanups. Our Anti-Graffiti Network is a rapid response team dedicated to the quick removal of graffiti vandalism. Our division has been working with community organizations and business associations for over ten years and has the experience and knowledge necessary to help facilitate your projects and needs. We ask you to take pride in your city and volunteer your time and effort since volunteers can and do make a difference in our society.

For those groups that have worked with us, we applaud your efforts and the remarkable results that have come from your hard work. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing the services you need for ongoing improvements.

Only through the combined efforts of community organizations, business associations, elected officials, city, state and federal agencies working together can the quality of life truly improve in neighborhoods
throughout the city.

Thomas M Conway, Deputy Managing Director