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232-4-4.1 Correspondence and Files
1 cu.ft., no index
These files consist of incoming letters to the first concessions and admissions director William Abrahams, his successor, W. E. Cash, and assistant director, C. D. Bond, and copies of their outgoing responses to several hundred respondents who inquired about arrangements for exhibiting or selling products or providing services at the Sesqui.

The material in the folders marked "Miscellaneous" (C/2.9.0-A-N) concerns the terms at which exhibit space was made available. Usually vendors, manufacturing companies, distributors, and suppliers of goods and services could contract space at a charge of $5 per square foot plus an additional charge of 15-20 percent of gross receipts if the exhibitor requested a selling privilege. The incoming letters were often written on letterhead stationery illustrating the company's firm or product and are sometimes accompanied by brochures about the products. Typical of the products mentioned are antiques, art goods, furniture, decorative wares, clothing, cleaning supplies, small appliances, novelties, cosmetics, tourist attractions, Florida real estate, food, and soft drinks. Items of note represented in the miscellaneous files (parts 1-7) include the De Silvis & Cusani, Philadelphia, hair dressing parlor display of beauty culture; Reuben H. Donnelley Corp., advertising distributors; Oliver Ditson Company, music publishers; Gospel Guards (charity); E. V. Stokes regarding sales of the "Rollemout Improved Rotary Cookie Cutter"; and the Yamagata Residental Hotel, Tokyo, provider of ricksha service.

Popular entertainments proposed in the "Amusements--Miscellaneous" (C/2.9.1) folders include music, circus arts, a planetarium, Italian organ grinder, aerial acts, baseball-related games, and riding devices. The correspondence in these folders is arranged alphabetically by last name. Circulars advertising the amusements are occasionally included. Of special interest is the file on Indian shows which includes correspondence with Fred Cummins of Los Angeles, California, proprietor of Cummins' Famous Indian Congress and Wild West show, and other persons proposing Native American booths and presentations at Sesqui.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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