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[Record Group 232-4-2]

232-4-2.1 Correspondence and Files
29 August 1965
1 item, no index
Incoming letters addressed to D. C. Collier and carbon copies of his outgoing correspondence through November 1925 are filed in with the general records of the administrative staff (series 232-4-3) and those of the departments and divisions. Collier was particularly interested in exposition planning and promotion--generally speaking, its external affairs. Much of Collier's correspondence on internal administrative matters was handled by A. L. Sutton, Assistant Director General of the exposition and director of the Division of Domestic Participation and Special Events. In this memorandum of August 29, 1925, Collier notified department heads that "Mr. Sutton as Assistant to the Director General will act as liaison officer between the Executive Department and the other departments." Similarly, there is no discrete group of Baker's papers as Director-General other than those found in the Administrative Staff and divisional and departmental records. Materials pertaining to Austin's term as director-in-chief are found in the records of the Department of Finance and Accounting.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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