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232-4-12.1 Specifications
16 folders, no index
Includes specifications for steel buildings used for storage units and garages; the Administration Building (Work No. 585); Exposition Building #1 (Work No. 588); Exposition Building #2 (Work No. 592); Auditorium (Work No. 596); Sub-Station in Plaza (Work No. 609); Exposition Building #9 (Work No. 612); Tower of Light (Work No. 622); Electrical Substations for Exposition (No Work No.); Standard Specifications for the Material and Workmanship of Bridges (City of Philadelphia, Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works, 1925); High Pressure Fire Protection System; Grading, Lagoons/Gladway and Macadam Roadway; and Miscellaneous Small Projects. Specifications for Works Numbers 585-622 are bound, mimeographed documents issued by the Office of the City Architect from April 1925-April 1926. These are not signed contracts but rather a set of office copies of building specifications used by the administrative staff. Some of the specifications marked "miscellaneous" are signed by contractors and specify contractors' estimates and other details of bidding and construction. Other "miscellaneous" specifications are neither signed nor dated to indicate whether the job was actually was let to a contractor. Additional architectural plans for the Sesqui-Centennial may be found in the Administrative Staff - Plans for Buildings and Grounds and Correspondence and Files and in the files of the Art Jury.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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