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Colonel David Charles Collier was named Director-General of the Sesqui-Centennial exposition in February 1925. A resident of San Diego, Col. Collier had been Director-General and president of the exposition company of the Panama-California Exposition which had been held in that city in 1914. In his contract, Collier agreed to serve until November 30, 1926, at a salary of $25,000. However, when other officials decided to simplify the architectural plan and reduce the number of buildings in order to open the exposition on schedule, Collier resigned on October 29, 1925. Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition Association officials appointed Captain Asher Carter Baker to fill the post. As director of foreign exhibits, Baker had been traveled extensively throughout Europe to promote interest in the Sesqui. On a subsequent trip abroad as director-general, he became ill and was forced to resign on the eve of the exposition's opening in May 1926. He was succeeded by E. L. Austin who had been serving as acting chief while Baker was in Europe. On June 21, 1926, the board officially designated Austin as Director-in-Chief. Austin continued to direct the affairs of the exposition after it closed. Austin subsequently became a receiver for the Association and went on to co-author the official history of the Sesqui-Centennial.

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232-4-2.1 Correspondence and Files (29 August 1965)

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