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Executive Committee

[Record group 232-3-1]
Agency Function
This is one of the committees of the Board of Directors of the Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition Association

Agency History
Meeting for the first time on June 21, 1921, the Executive Committee managed the business operations of the Association including budget oversight, accounts, membership, and authorization of expenditures. Additionally, under Association bylaws, the Executive Committee was specifically charged with locating and selecting a site for the exposition which was a major focus of its work the first year. The Committee also took increasing responsibility for seeking appropriate legislative action from Congress and the state of Pennsylvania to ensure cooperation and funding.

Archival Records
232-3-1.1 Minutes (21 June 1921 - 15 March 1927)

232-3-1.2 Correspondence and Files (December 1922 - July 1924)

232-3-1.3 Reports to the Board of Directors (1923, 1925)

232-3-1.4 Site Selection Reports (c. 1920- 1924)

232-3-1.5 Exhibit Contracts (July 1925 - August 1926)

232-3-1.6 Resolutions (4 January - 5 December 1926)

232-3-1.7 Financial Reports (1921-1924)

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