Field Books

[Record Series: 90-9.10]

  • Surveyors' work data books; list many rough pencil entries and sketches of street layouts, property descriptions and surveys, details of grading, estimates, lines, sewers, etc.
  • A number of books detail work on the Manayunk Intercepting Sewer, the Lincoln Drive Sewer and the Wissahickon and Cresheim Valley Sewers between 1892 and 1894. Other miscellaneous books detail work in Bucks County and Kingsessing Township, and along the Doylestown Railroad and along the Darby & Chester Plank Road.
Surveyors include:

  • Jesse Lightfoot (1852-1880),
  • Samuel M. Rea (1852-1856, 1862, 1864),
  • Henry A. Stallman (1864-1876),
  • John H. Dager (1875),
  • Walter Jones (1886-1894),
  • Henry J. Humphreys (1886),
  • Fritz Bloch (1887-1891, with index volume 1887-1890),
  • William D. Kochersperger (1893-1897), and
  • George Wentz (1888-1895).

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