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Women's Department

[Record Group 232-4-11]

232-4-11.1 Correspondence and Files
49 folders, no index
Includes correspondence of concerning the formation of the Women's Department in 1925, the appointment of board members, carbon copies of letters from Mrs. Melick to board members concerning meetings and functions, and files pertaining to programs and activities organized by the Women's Department such as lodging arrangements, motor routes, and information booths for visitors, material concerning special events and programs, correspondence with women's organizations including college clubs and Catholic and Jewish women's groups, instructions for departmental volunteers, and other files pertaining to women's activities at the Sesqui-Centennial including the Girl Scout Model Home and the national Better Homes in America organization.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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232-4-11.2 Printed Literature
4 folders, no index
Anna Robeson Burr's The City We Visit: Old Philadelphia (1926), the official book of the Women's Division of the Sesqui-Centennial, and copies of other pamphlets issued by the department such as Places of Interest in Philadelphia, High Street, Old Philadelphia, 1730-1790, A Brief Guide to Various Exhibits, and Historic Germantown by Motor Bus, and two files of press releases and printed items about the Sesqui, 1925-1926. For additional material relating to the work of the Women's Department in publicizing the Sesqui, see the Department of Publicity, Correspondence and Files.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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