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Agency History
The bill in equity under which receivers were appointed was filed April 23, 1927. Francis Shunk Brown, Esq., and E. L. Austin were appointed by the court as receivers of the property assets of the Sesqui-Centennial Association. Austin, who had been connected with the exposition since his appointment as its business manager on June 15, 1926, and later as its director-in-chief, was appointed a receiver on April 23, 1927. The work of the receivers involved carrying out the work of the Jury of Awards, which was not completed until March 1928, and included settlement of 3,000 awards; employing watchmen and engineers to guard the buildings and their contents; and inventorying and appraising the physical value of all the properties that had come into the possession of the Sesqui-Centennial. The inventory was completed by June 1927, and a series of auctions was held at the exposition grounds in July-August 1927.

On September 22, 1927, the District Court of the U.S. Eastern District of Pennsylvania appointed a special master, John Arthur Brown, for the purpose of passing upon the claims of the Association's creditors. Notices were sent out to all the creditors to protect their claims. Frank A. Moorshead, Esq., was counsel for the receivers.

Archival Records
232-5.1 Correspondence and Files (1927-1931)

232-5.2 Auction Catalogue of Receivers' Sale (July - August 1927)

232-5.3 Daily Cash Receipts (30 April 1927 - 31 May 1928)

232-5.4 Transcripts of Equity Proceedings in Case of John D. Cardinell vs. Sesqui-Centennial Association (25 January 1928 - 25 November 1928)

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