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Agency Function

Agency History
At its first session, the Commission created a Committee on Foreign Affairs, charged with the duty of securing the participation of foreign governments in the Exhibition. On 3 July 1873, the President of the United States issued a proclamation announcing the Exhibition, which foreign governments did not construe to be an invitation. Subsequently, on 5 June 1874, an Act of Congress was passed requesting the President to extend, in the name of the United States, a respectful and cordial invitation to foreign governments to participate. This the President did, through the offices of the Department of State.

In accordance with the general regulations of the Commission, no communication was held directly between the Centennial Commission and the individual foreign exhibitors. Instead, all matters relating to the exhibits and space allotments were handled by the Director-General and the heads of the respective foreign Commissions.

For the register of foreign commissioners, see Registers of Centennial Commissioners

Archival Records
230-25.1 Correspondence (1874-1878)

230-25.2 Foreign Commissioners (1875-1876)

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