On May 1, 2024, the Mayor signed a new ordinance prohibiting heavily tinted or sun screened windows on parked vehicles in Philadelphia. The changes will be in effect within 60 days of signing. Previously, only moving vehicles in violation were ticketed by Philadelphia Police Department (PPD). These changes will allow PPD and the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) to ticket parked vehicles in violation as well.

  • What’s the update?
    • Vehicles in violation of window “sun-screening” or “tint” in Philadelphia may be subject to a $100 fine by either PPD and/or PPA. This includes both moving and parked vehicles. Previously, tint on parked vehicles was not regulated.
    • Refer to §§ 12-922 and 12-2809
  • What is considered “excessive” window screening/tint?
    • It must be possible to see inside the vehicle through the windshield and side windows. Tints installed by the vehicle manufacturer and tints with a valid exemption for medical reasons are permitted.
    • PennDOT regulations require most vehicle’s windows to permit at least 70% of light to pass through.
    • Refer to 75 Pa.C.S.§4524(e) and 67 Pa. Code § 175.67
  • Who/Where?
    • Any vehicles in Philadelphia are subject to this new ordinance.
    • PPA will be the main enforcer of the new law due to the focus on parked vehicles. PPD may also issue a ticket.
  • When?
    • The ordinance was signed on May 01, 2024. Enforcement will begin 60 days later.
  • How to know if your vehicle is in violation and what to do:
    • Contact your local auto service or window detailing company and they should be able to help.


Questions?  Please contact Philadelphia Parking Authority at https://philapark.org/contact. If you are looking to dispute a ticket issued based on the Tint Ordinance please visit https://philapark.org/dispute.