Philadelphians express their reaction to action steps to make Philadelphia safer, cleaner, and greener, with access to economic opportunity for all


PHILADELPHIA – This week, Mayor Cherelle L. Parker highlighted the first 100 days of the Parker Administration. As part of the milestone, Mayor Parker joined City Officials during a public event in Kensington yesterday to share the accomplishments of the Parker Administration and the specific steps made since taking office on Tuesday, January 2. The Mayor highlighted the ongoing work and next steps focused on the vision for a Safer, Cleaner, Greener Philadelphia, with economic opportunity for all.

In addition to reviewing the first 100 days, the Parker Administration also released its 100-Day Public Safety Report which outlines strategic action steps that the Philadelphia Police Department led by Commissioner Kevin J. Bethel will take to reduce crime and violence while ensuring public safety in neighborhoods.

Hear what business, public safety, education, and community leaders are saying about Mayor Parker’s first 100 days in office and what her administration has accomplished:

Intergovernmental Cooperation

Congressman Dwight Evans (D-PA-3rd): “Over the past 100 days I’ve had the chance to work with Mayor Cherelle L. Parker on multiple occasions to the benefit of Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians alike. Our collaboration keeps the Commonwealth united and I’m looking forward to four more years of collaboration.”

Public Safety

Bilal Qayyum, Executive Director, Father’s Day Rally Committee: “I strongly believe that Mayor Parkers’ approach to ensuring the safety of Philadelphians is heading in the right direction by working with communities and law enforcement. During the first 100 days, she’s been front and center empowering communities to work with city officials and showing that she really cares about their needs.”

Anton Moore, Founder, Unity in the Community: “I appreciate how Mayor Parker has shown up for the city in times of recent tragedy. In her first 100 days in office, the mayor has demonstrated that really cares about making Philadelphia safer, and I am looking forward to seeing how her initiatives for public safety make a real change.”

Chantay Love, Co-Founder & President, Every Murder is Real: “I appreciate how Mayor Parker has shown up for the city in times of recent tragedy. In her first 100 days in office, the Mayor has demonstrated that she really cares about making Philadelphia safer, and I am looking forward to seeing how community partnerships continue to work with government to heal our City.”

Clean and Green

Tonnetta Graham, President, Strawberry Mansion CDC: “I am really excited about Mayor Parker’s plan to make Philadelphia clean and green. I think it is so important to provide all Philadelphians with a clean environment so we can see the beauty that is Philadelphia and create desirable neighborhoods to live in. Kudos to Mayor Parker and her administration for an impactful 100 days!”

Ytina Dudley, Special Project Manager, Philadelphia City Council: “I’m grateful for Mayor Parker’s recent visit to Parkside and her support for the 4th District Container Village project, which holds great significance for myself and the community. Mayor Parker’s dedication to the small business community, particularly Black and Brown-owned businesses, during her initial 100 days in office has been commendable. Additionally, her efforts to improve the city’s cleanliness by helping to remove the abandoned cars and 20 years of debris will help create other opportunities for the 4th District Container Village as well as attract a diverse group of people.”

Bonita Cummings, Director, the Strawberry Mansion Community Concern: “Mayor Cherelle L. Parker has given Philadelphia the greatest gift possible by starting to restore and rebuild our city as a safer, cleaner, greener place for the children and a place for all to experience economic opportunity. Let’s take advantage of this window of deliverance that she has bestowed upon our city. Thank you, Mayor Parker!”


Marjorie Howell, City Employee & Turn the Key Homeowner: “Turn the Key allowed me to purchase a home and that is an opportunity I will never forget. I’m grateful to Mayor Cherelle L. Parker and this administration for ensuring I could achieve my dream with an affordable house that looks amazing.”

Kelvin Jeremiah, President & CEO, Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA): “All Philadelphians should be heartened as Mayor Parker’s historic term as Philadelphia’s first woman Mayor marks 100 days. We are particularly excited that one of Mayor Parker’s five pillars is affordable housing. Her commitment to affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families is core to the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s model. As the fourth largest housing authority in the United States and the City’s largest affordable housing provider, I am confident, that in the months ahead, Mayor Parker will continue to push the status quo and create a bold housing agenda that meets the varied housing needs of our City’s population.”

Mo Rushdy, Managing Partner, The Riverwards Group: “Mayor Parker’s energy during these first 100 days is driving enthusiasm to all housing-related agencies, public and private, to come together and achieve big things on the housing front. From policy change to agency process streamlining and private sector, both for-profit and non-profit engagement, the mayor seems determined to achieve building tens of thousands of homes by 2028.”

Ira Goldstein, Senior Advisor of Policy Solutions, The Reinvestment Fund (TRF): “Mayor Parker has long connected with Philadelphia’s middle-neighborhoods, which historically have not garnered a lot of attention or resources. It’s awesome that in her first 100 days, she’s focused on ensuring that all Philadelphia neighborhoods get the support they need to flourish.”

Economic Opportunity

Della Clark, President, The Enterprise Center: “In her first 100 days, Mayor Parker has started to help historically disenfranchised developers with the Office of Minority Business Success. She’s determined to give diverse entrepreneurs access to equity investments, and I know over the next four years we will see more of this determination!”

Andy Toy, Policy Director, Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations: “Mayor Parker’s ‘PHL Open for Business’ is working to support and be of service to businesses in all neighborhoods and PACDC has been championing for something like this to boost Philadelphia’s economy and help community development. Mayor Parker is sticking to her word of ensuring economic opportunity for all and we are grateful for that.”

Casey O’Donnell, CEO, Impact Services: “In her first 100 days Mayor Cherelle L. Parker has promised millions of dollars in investments to create triage and wellness facilities that will help people with substance use disorders which is so important to the work we do. I am looking forward to seeing how Mayor Parker’s vision to support Kensington and the overdose crisis gives more people an opportunity at success.”


Dr. Tony B. Watlington, Sr., Superintendent, School District of Philadelphia: “If we work together as one, a united Philadelphia, we can become the fastest improving large, urban school district in the nation and prepare all students to dream and realize any future they desire. I am so grateful to have Mayor Cherelle L. Parker as an exceptional ally in this work, and I specifically want to thank the Mayor for her leadership, thoughtfulness, and vision. I look forward to working in partnership with the Mayor to continue to significantly improve student outcomes here in the 8th largest school district in the country through our five-year strategic plan, Accelerate Philly.”

Dr. Stacy Holland, Executive Director, Elevate 215: “I believe that Mayor Cherelle Parker’s unified vision for our schools is inspiring and achievable.  During her first 100 days, she has successfully brought together a diverse set of educators, business, and community leaders to build solutions that will move Philadelphia’s schools forward and prepare our children to become productive citizens.”

Deborah Klehr, Execuitve Director, Education Law Center: “We are grateful to Mayor Parker for using her strong relationships in Harrisburg to build alliances and fight for a constitutionally compliant school funding system in Pennsylvania. Our city’s schoolchildren deserve access to high-quality education and the resources they need to succeed.”

Jerry Jordan, President, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers: “We appreciate and recognize Mayor Parker’s focus on ensuring, as she said, that our students must ‘get the whole loaf’ when it comes to the resources and services they need to thrive. Our system of public education is the bedrock of our democracy, and a fully funded school system that meets the needs of every one of our young people is vital. Mayor Parker is working to get additional dollars into our schools, and her first 100 days reflect that.”

Dr. Robin P. Cooper, President, Commonwealth Association of School Administrators: “She came, she saw, and she is conquering the Philadelphia educational system in a brand, bold, and innovative new way! During Mayor Cherelle Parker’s first 100 days, she convened a highly respected educational panel to nominate school board members, is redesigning the Office of Education, and is hosting a series of Educational Roundtable discussions to address what is needed to improve our city’s educational system. Mayor Parker backed up her words with financial commitment and we look forward to the impact on the 2024-25 school year and beyond.”