Financial disclosure filing season is here! About one third of City officers and employees must file an annual Statement of Financial Interests with the Board of Ethics by May 1st.

What is a Statement of Financial Interests (aka financial disclosures)?

Both City and State law require financial disclosures by certain City officers and employees. These forms contain personal financial information including:

  • Income sources and creditors;
  • Gifts received, including paid transportation/food/lodging expenses;
  • Real estate transactions with the government;
  • Business interests; and
  • Non-profit leadership roles.

These financial disclosures are designed to increase government transparency and integrity by revealing potential and actual conflicts of interest.

Can I view the filed financial disclosures?

Most City officials who are required to file financial disclosure statements must only file the State form, governed by Section 1104(a) of the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act. A portion of higher-level officials within the City also must file the City form per Section 20-610 of the Philadelphia Code and Board of Ethics Regulation No. 3 (and the Mayor’s Letter Supplement).

City and State forms filed by select City officials since 2015 can be found on the Financial Disclosure Filing System (redacted to remove certain personal information). Click on the “Search” tab in the top left corner. Physical copies of the filings can also be found at the City’s Department of Records.


Visit the Board of Ethics’ financial disclosure webpage to learn more about statements of financial interests for City officers and employees.