Development for this audit project began in January 2022. The goal is to look at how PPD is using body worn cameras in connection to their policy on BWCs (PPD Directive 4.21).

Metrics CPOC auditors are evaluating in this audit:

  • Percent of BWC activation
  • Rate of complete videos (per Directive 4.21) vs. partial videos
  • Percent of officers with cameras on a primary officer’s video also recording footage
  • Percent of correctly tagged videos for data retention versus incorrectly tagged videos

CPOC auditors developed a survey to capture data and evaluate the videos. CPOC is preparing this audit to operate in a systematic and repeatable way, with regular reporting.


  • 3,472 minutes of video footage reviewed
  • 350 survey entries completed

This collaboration between CPOC and PPD serves as a model for data-driven partnerships between civilian oversight and police departments.

Challenges and Solutions: Accessing posed an initial challenge, requiring auditors to view footage on CDs. However, due to the established trust, CPOC gained access in 2023. allows for secure access to videos and an increase in review volumes.

Data Reporting and Analysis: Monthly BWC footage audits will result in a regular report to PPD. Much of the 2022 data had to be discarded due to survey edits and data limitations; moving forward, the Auditing and Monitoring Unit will share with the public months of audits as they are completed.

Future Plans: CPOC’s Auditing and Monitoring Unit has hired three new auditors, allowing for an expansion of the project. CPOC envisions a continued collaboration with PPD, including a Memorandum of Understanding for remote data access through