Yesterday, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge reinstated all previously dismissed criminal charges against former Philadelphia Police Officer Mark Dial in the fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry.

This decision acknowledges that this city has not forgotten Eddie Irizarry, nor the fact that the lives of our residents have value. This decision gives hope to the Irizarry family and the community as a whole that justice will prevail, especially when the death of community members come at the hands of PPD officers.

While we wait for the criminal process to unfold, CPOC continues to stand firm in our recommendation to the Philadelphia Police Department to continue the administrative misconduct investigation of former Officer Dial’s conduct, including his use of force.

CPOC will continue to monitor this case and the Commission will continue to advocate for police accountability and transparency for the residents of this city. However, we are not alone in this charge. Just as this agency is called to act and respond in support of our diverse community, we rely heavily on our residents to share their experiences and perspectives to help us shape oversight in Philadelphia.

We have heard feedback from the community in recent weeks. Many feel that the voices of our residents are dismissed, overlooked, and pushed aside by members of law enforcement. It is the goal of this agency to speak up for our residents when they feel their concerns are met with silence, or worse, indifference.

We urge residents to continue to reach out to us to share their views on policing in this city and how we can continue to serve you with professionalism, integrity, and empathy.