Are you a Philly resident who needs help applying for water bill assistance? The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) may be able to help—just attend one of their upcoming assistance clinics from August 2 through September 27 to get the help you need.

PWD staff will be on standby every Wednesday from 10AM to 2PM to help you apply for assistance in just minutes! The best part? These events are held one-on-one, meaning a PWD staff will spend 20 minutes working directly with you.

Be aware that the assistance clinics are virtual events, and attendance is by appointment only. Seven of the nine Wednesdays are already booked as of August 1. So hurry and book your spot using this link for any of the following dates: September 20 and September 27If you are in danger of being shut off before those dates, email to see if emergency appointments are available.

What you should bring to your appointment

To guarantee a successful application submission during these events, make sure to gather the following before your appointment begins:

  • One proof of residency—a driver’s license, a passport, a government-issued ID card, or a work ID displaying your face, full legal name, and address should work just fine. While we no longer accept water bills as proof of residency, feel free to bring a PECO, PGW, or even a phone bill to your appointment. We also accept voter registration cards, a lease, or a bank statement.
  • One proof of income—this can be a prior year’s income tax return, W-2, paystubs, benefit award letters or statements, or an income support form.

Having these documents handy can help you save time and help us serve you quickly, and ensure your appointment goes smoothly.

No income? No problem!

If you don’t have income to report, be ready to tell us how you pay your living expenses. Customers applying for help due to a Special Hardship, such as job loss or death of the family’s main income earner, will need one of the following documents:

  • Termination letter to prove job loss.
  • Hospital admission or discharge documents to prove serious illness.
  • Birth or adoption certificate to show household size increase.
  • Death certificate to prove the death of main income earner.
  • Safe harbor documents to show shelter admission due to abuse.
  • Copies of most recent bills, including utilities, medical, or childcare, to show household expenses.

For questions or additional info, please call the Water Department at (215) 685-6300 or email