Summer 2023 is officially upon us, and with that comes the return of many special events in Philadelphia! Whether you are hosting a community block party or a large-scale food truck festival, health and fire safety are important. The Office of Special Events (OSE) has compiled a list of resources to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch and your food plans are approved.

Applications needed to sell or sample food at your event:

  • Special Event Sponsor Application: When an organization or individual submits a Special Events Application with OSE, they become the sponsor of the event. Sponsors take responsibility for making sure that all food service operators at the event have the right licenses and certifications. Special event sponsors must submit a special event sponsor application to the Department of Public Health.
  • Along with the above application, special event sponsors must also provide a complete list of participating food and beverage vendors.
  • Special Event Food Vendor Application: Individual food vendors that want to provide food or drinks to the public at special events AND have permission from the event sponsor, must submit a special event food vendor application. Vendors can apply for a temporary special event application (can participate in no more than three events per year), or a permanent special event permit application (can participate in four or more events per year).


Fire safety guidelines provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD):


You can find these fire safety guidelines and other helpful fire prevention tips by visiting the NFPA website and the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) homepage.