City Launches Dashboard

The City of Philadelphia is committed to racial equity and the promise of a city where race does not determine success or life outcomes. From 2020-2023 the City completed its first ever racial equity action planning process, which required every City department reporting to the mayor to identify policies and practices that contribute to inequities and develop an action plan to disrupt, mitigate, or eliminate those conditions.  As the planning process concludes, the City is excited to announce the launch of Philadelphia’s Racial Equity Strategy Dashboard, a new accountability tool that will help us track our progress in achieving racial equity and provide a transparent, accessible way for residents to see the steps we are taking to eliminate racial disparities in all areas of City government. 

Philadelphia’s Racial Equity Strategy 

This dashboard was created by the Mayor’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) to embed racial equity into government. In 2020, Mayor Kenney signed Executive Order No. 1-20, which established the City’s Racial Equity Strategy and required all departments to create an initial racial equity action plan by the end of 2023.  

Since the launch of the strategy in 2020, twenty-three City departments have gone through a rigorous cohort process and completed an initial racial equity action plan. By July 2023, nine more departments will have gone through the cohort process and completed their action plans and by the end of 2023, all City departments that report to the mayor will have developed an initial racial equity action plan.   

Dashboard Overview  

The Racial Equity Strategy Dashboard builds on the initial action plans by tracking the status of implementation of the plans and providing regular updates on departments’ racial equity strategies. For each department that has already completed its racial equity action plan, the dashboard provides the following information:  

  • List of strategies: Which strategies are departments currently pursuing to advance racial equity?  
  • Status Update: How is implementation going? Is the strategy in early planning & development stages, on track, or postponed/delayed?  
  • Strategy summaries: What is the core goal of the strategy?  
  • Key Successes: What progress has been made so far?  

The dashboard will be updated on an annual basis, and as additional departments complete their racial equity action plans, they will be added to the dashboard.  

 We invite you to explore the dashboard and share your feedback with us as we work together to build a more just and equitable city.