WHAT: Graduation of Fire Service Paramedic Class 42 & Fire Service EMT Class 5


  • Mayor Jim Kenney
  • Fire Commissioner Adam K. Thiel
  • Cadets of Fire Service Paramedic Class 42 & EMT Class 5

WHEN: Friday, March 17 at 10 a.m.

WHERE: FOP Lodge 5, 11630 Caroline Road, Philadelphia

The Fire Department will hold a ceremony to welcome 43 new EMS providers: 7 paramedics and 36 emergency medical technicians (EMTs). The PFD is one of the busiest EMS systems in the nation, responding to an average of 739 emergency medical incidents per day in 2022.

These paramedics and EMTs were already certified in their respective professions when they joined the PFD. Their rigorous 12-week program at the Fire Academy included training on basic vehicle rescue; how to treat children who are seriously ill or injured; hazardous materials awareness and operations; and how to respond during active shooter incidents.

Paramedics are trained in advanced life support (ALS) protocols, such as administering intravenous fluids and intubating patients. EMTs are trained in basic life support (BLS) techniques, including CPR and bleeding control.