Doing the Preparation for the Elevation

There is a big difference between goals and plans. Goals are where you want to be and plans are how you get there.  The Office of Black Male Engagement (OBME) is proud to announce that we are partnering with Chase Bank for this year’s Black Generational Wealth Series.  Through this series we’ll lay out our plans to help close the opportunity divide for Black men and boys in Philadelphia. Join us on February 25 at the Business Resource & Innovation Center (BRIC) at the Free Library of Philadelphia and let for a day of preparation for the elevation!

As part of our My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Action Academy, the Black Generational Wealth Series is a day full of insight, support, and encouragement brought to you by a community of business owners, economic professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and strategists. It is also a space designed to unlearn bad habits and prepare plans for economic elevation. 

From practical financial strategies to legislation on reparations, we invite you to come and engage this life altering information from some of our City’s most powerful speakers and leaders in business and economics. Every journey towards a destination requires a plan.

Check out our sessions for this year:

  • Where Wealth Begins

    It is said that wealth begins in our thinking. Well, are you ready to adopt new ideas in order to grow your mindset towards generational wealth? During this session, you will learn the attitudes and practices necessary to generate and maintain wealth. Whether you’re a business owner, employee, or investor, come and hear from wealth strategists on the old and new strategies that make and keep people wealthy.

  • Let’s Link

    Every year the City of Philadelphia issues requests for proposals from local businesses for a myriad of services. We want to make sure our community is both aware and prepared to take advantage of these opportunities. Come and learn the Commerce department’s services and requirements for securing city contracts and grants from business owners and city leaders.  

  • Wealth Legislation

    We cannot discuss generating wealth without ensuring that opportunities are equitable. The topic of reparations has been a long-time discussion in our community but how close are we to making them a reality? Join us as we hear from city and community leaders about developing reparation proposals for our community both on the federal and local level.

  • True To This

    Entrepreneurship has always been a viable path towards generational wealth but starting and maintaining a lucrative business is no easy task.  Join us during lunch as we hear from our stellar panel on what it takes to steadily grow from a vision to a full-fledged, thriving business.  This is a panel you will not want to miss as we hear from just a few of Philadelphia’s amazing business owners that are pushing the boundaries and changing the narrative on generational wealth.   

  • Spark Tank

    This year we are partnering with Chase Bank to bring to you the Spark Tank, which will provide 5 qualified businesses to present to potential investors with the chance to win a small business grant and an opportunity to be a part of Chase Bank’s Minority Entrepreneur Program. Check out the Spark Tank interest form if you’d like to be a contestant. 


Join us!

Come and continue your preparation towards elevation at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s BRIC (Parkway Central Library) on February 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as we unlearn bad habits and prepare plans for generations to come. 

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