Pursuant to the City of Philadelphia’s Campaign Finance Law, if a candidate makes total contributions of $250,000 or more of their personal resources to their campaign, then the contribution limits for all candidates for that office shall be doubled.

As of January 20, 2023, Jack Inacker, a candidate for City Controller, contributed more than $250,000 of his personal resources to his campaign.  Therefore, the limits on contributions made on January 20, 2023 or later to all candidates for Philadelphia City Controller are doubled to:

  • $6,200 for individuals; and
  • $25,200 for political committees and unincorporated business organizations

The limits for candidates for Philadelphia City Controller will remain doubled even if:

  • Jack Inacker ceases to be a candidate; or
  • After the limits have doubled, Jack Inacker’s political committee returns, repays, or refunds a portion of the money contributed from his personal resources.

Please note that the limits are not doubled for contributions to litigation fund committees or transition and inauguration committees.

If you have any questions concerning Philadelphia’s Campaign Finance Law, please call 215-686-9450 or email campaign.finance@phila.gov.