PHILADELPHIA — Due to the Philadelphia Department of Prisons’ (PDP) increased census, especially the census for female incarcerated people, the PDP will be effectuating the following movements, beginning Wednesday, September 21.

PDP had transferred the female population from Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF) in August 2020 because of the continued  decrease in the population attributed to the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge strategies of the City’s collective criminal justice partners, which prompted the transfer to ensure full usage of housing capacity celled beds.

Currently, the female population is housed at the Alternative and Special Detention Unit (ASD, MOD 3) and the Alternative and Special Detention Central Unit (ASDCU) at 8101 State Road.

The PDP will be moving the entire female population to the ABC units at the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC). Indeed, the female incarcerated population had historically been housed at Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center prior to the opening of the Riverside Correctional Facility in 2004.

“The PDP is effectuating these movements in order to most effectively house and manage our incarcerated population,” said Commissioner Blanche Carney. “These three units will be completely separated and secure from the units housing our male population at PICC, and services will also transfer with the female population. Further, this will allow for an increased opportunity for civilian visits for our female population.”

Moving the female population to PICC from Modular Housing Unit 3 also creates a new possibility for the Youthful incarcerated population. PDP will effectuate the transfer of the Youthful Incarcerated population from RCF to ASD MOD 3, allowing them to now have a building to themselves. MOD 3 will provide a smaller unit, while still being large enough to absorb any rise in the census.