This post was written by Télyse Masaoay, MSW, Racial Equity Strategist and Content Creator

Philadelphia is committed to identifying racialized inequities in city government and developing actionable solutions to address those inequities through policies, procedures, and initiatives. To formalize this work, the Kenney Administration enacted Executive Order 1-20 to lay out the City of Philadelphia’s racial equity strategy.

The City is pleased to announce its plan to release a series of primers to:

  • Share key concepts guiding the City’s racial equity strategy.
  • Provide updates on City departments’ racial equity action plans
  • Spotlight policy and practice changes that aim to eliminate racial inequities in the City.

Racial Equity 101: Philadelphia’s Focus on Racial Equity in Government

The first primer, “Racial Equity 101: Philadelphia’s Focus on Racial Equity in Government,” defines racial equity and other important terms. The primer describes:

  • The unique need for racial equity in Philadelphia.
  • The role of city government in this work.
  • The importance of centering race and intersectionality in government policy and services.

The goal of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’s (ODEI) Primer Series is to provide regular updates to Philadelphians regarding the City’s approach to addressing racial injustice through government. This first primer provides the foundation for the series by defining key concepts, offering a brief overview of the City’s racialized history, and laying out the framework that guides ODEI’s racial equity strategy.

Information from this primer may also be adapted for and reused by local organizations as they develop their own racial equity strategies.