80% of Philadelphia public pools will open this summer. This will happen despite a nationwide lifeguard shortage. See the schedule of opening dates below. This information will be updated regularly.

Which pools will open?

The pools that will open were selected based on several factors. These include:

  • Geography.
  • Past pool usage data.
  • Neighborhood need.

Pool schedules

Pool schedules will vary based on available staffing. In some areas, pools located close to each other will operate on a split schedule. This will help maximize community access to pools.

For more information

Please check with your neighborhood pool or search our Finder app for:

  • Information about free swimming lessons.
  • A list of the closest open pool or sprayground near you.

Our spraygrounds are another fun way to beat the heat.

50 of Parks & Rec’s 63 pools will open this summer. Here’s a list of those that will open starting Tuesday, June 21.

  • Pool opening dates are subject to change.
  • Opening times vary on each opening day.
  • Click on the name of the site listed below for address and contact information.
  • * indicates a pool with an ADA compliant pool lift.
Please contact a site to confirm if a pool is open and operating. Use the Parks & Rec Finder app, or click on the site names in the list below, to find each site’s phone number.


WEEK OF JULY 18, 2022

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Francisville Recreation Center

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Tustin Recreation Center



  • 9th & Olive Playground
  • Hunting Park Recreation Center
  • FJ Meyers Recreation Center
  • Waterloo Playground


Tuesday, June 21  


*Fishtown Recreation Center – ADA compliant pool lift available, contact staff for assistance.
Mill Creek Playground
Samuel Recreation Center  

Wednesday, June 22  

Barry Playground  
Lawncrest Recreation Center 

Thursday, June 23 

Kelly Pool  
Vogt Playground
*Pleasant Playground – ADA compliant pool lift available, contact staff for assistance.

Friday, June 24 

Murphy Recreation Center  
Mitchell Playground  
Penrose PlaygroundADA compliant pool lift available, contact staff for assistance.
Simpson Recreation Center  


Monday, June 27

Bridesburg Recreation Center  
Athletic Recreation Center  
Ford Recreation Center  

 Tuesday, June 28 

Awbury Playground  
Jacobs Playground  

 Wednesday, June 29 

Jardel Recreation Center  
Marian Anderson Recreation Center  
Max Myers Playground  

 Thursday, June 30

Hancock Playground  
Kendrick Recreation Center  

 Friday, July 1 

*Fox Chase Recreation CenterADA compliant pool lift available, contact staff for assistance.

Saturday, July 2 

American Legion Playground
Cione Playground  
*Mander Playground– ADA compliant pool lift available, contact staff for assistance.


Monday, July 4 

Lackman Playground
Sacks Playground

Tuesday, July 5 

McVeigh Recreation Center  Closed for season on 7-22-22.
Piccoli Playground

Wednesday, July 6

Cherashore Playground
Cobb Creek Park
O’Connor Playground

Thursday, July 7

Feltonville Recreation Center
J. Finnegan Playground
Lonnie Young Recreation Center

Friday, July 8

Christy Recreation Center
Hillside Recreation Center

Saturday, July 9 

Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center
Northern Liberties Recreation Center
Scanlon Playground


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Houseman Playground

Wednesday, July 13, 2022 

Shepard Recreation Center
Stinger Square 


View the full list of our pools, spraygrounds, splash pads, and sprinklers that will be open this season.