On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Philadelphia City Council voted to approve and seat the proposed commissioners who will make up the Citizens Police Oversight Commission. They are:

Hassan Bennett

Melanie DeBouse

Jahlee Hatchett

Afroza Hossain

Benjamin Lerner

Haakim Peay

Maryelis Santiago

John Solomon

Roseaura Torres Thomas

Each commissioner represents a different police district in Philadelphia and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to CPOC. As the build out of this new agency continues, CPOC is ready to deliver service in Philadelphia! In addition to these 9 commissioners, CPOC has full time staff who are available to take complaints against police, answer questions, and help you navigate policing in Philadelphia. CPOC staff are conducting the work of police oversight by overseeing the PPD discipline process, reviewing PPD policies, attending and hosting community events, auditing, and monitoring police complaint investigations, and more.  Stay tuned and come check us out in the coming weeks there is a whole lot more on the way.

Please contact the CPOC at cpoc@phila.gov or 215-685-0891 with questions.