The Police Advisory Commission (PAC) assesses the policies, practices, and customs of the Philadelphia Police Department. It does this with a focus on maximizing trust between the police and the communities they serve.

In June 2021, Mayor Kenney signed legislation to authorize the Citizens Police Oversight Commission (CPOC) to become a new, independent civilian oversight agency. The legislation creates new powers for CPOC while also continuing Police Advisory Commission practices that have proven impactful. CPOC will expand on the PAC’s capacity and authority, and PAC operations will continue as the transition to CPOC occurs. This legislation greatly increases transparency of police misconduct and discipline, and empowers civilians to lead investigations of complaints against police; a power that is currently the sole jurisdiction of the Philadelphia Police Department.

For more information on the future operations of the CPOC, see the signed legislation (bill number 210074).

Job opportunities

The CPOC will need talented team members who have the desire and dedication to improve policing in Philadelphia. New staff will be hired into the PAC and will transition with their positions into the CPOC.

Check out these job postings for more information on each position: