This blog post was written by Farwa Ahmadi, Director, AOPxSola; and Sharifa Halimi, President, AOPxSola 

AOPxSola is a newly formed organization that represents the Afghan community in Philadelphia, operating under the Sola Foundation. The Sola Foundation was formed to connect Afghans worldwide through a  platform to share ideas and resources for developmental projects in Afghanistan. As a community chapter, AOPxSola is committed to representing and supporting Afghans who live within Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We work to empower and mobilize the Afghan community in  Philadelphia to cultivate a meaningful connection with the global Afghan community, aiming to unify the community through the provision of resources, services, hosting community events, fundraisers, and networking opportunities.  

As the first established Afghan organization, our vision comprises many goals and objectives we want to achieve in the upcoming months. First, AOPxSola intends to service the Afghan population in Philadelphia by collaborating with various agencies, offices, and organizations to foster meaningful relationships and make Afghan voices in the city heard. Identifying community needs through community outreach and conducting research, is among our primary goals In addition, AOPxSola focused on assisting agencies  in refugee resettlement by collecting and providing donations, resources, information, and services for local Afghan families. And last but not least, we are committed to creating a safe and open space for Afghans. 

In our Afghan culture, hospitality is ranked as one of the most integral aspects — like a cup of readily made green tea is always a must for a guest in every household. So let us ensure that Philadelphia reflects this beautiful cultural symbol by ensuring that we can be just as hospitable as the Afghan people. 

For more information on how to get involved please reach us by email at or follow us on Instagram at @aopxsola