The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities aims to ensure equity, inclusion, and opportunity for residents with disabilities throughout our community 

Making virtual meetings more accessible 

In May 2021, the Office welcomed a new Executive Director, Amy Mathewson Millar.  Amy oversees the Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities, Office of ADA Compliance, and constituent services. Through her leadership, the office recently launched an internal initiative, “Click the 3 Dots.” All City of Philadelphia employees now have Closed Captioning available to them in Microsoft Teams when they “click the 3 dots.”  

Screenshot of what the three dots look like on Microsoft Teams, which allow for Closed Captioning
Above: The control panel of a Microsoft Teams’ Meeting with an arrow pointing to the “3 dots” where Closed Captioning can be enabled. External users must have this feature enabled.  

This initiative aims to make all virtual meetings inclusive by providing education regarding accessibility and encouraging the use of Closed Captioning on virtual platforms like Microsoft Teams. More information is available online here 

Updates on the City’s ADA Transition Plan 

The City’s ADA Transition Plan is now in the implementation stage which comes around the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022, a total of 72 locations are currently undergoing their needed updates around accessibility. Remaining projects will be addressed in Fiscal Years 2023-2025. As the City continues to improve accessibility in Philadelphia, progress is being tracked with Geographic Information System (GIS) software. City departments and residents will continue to be engaged around the plan going forward through the Office of ADA Compliance.  

Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities 

The Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities recently hosted a virtual meeting, “Where are We Today, and Where Are We Headed on July 28, 2021. This event provided updates about the Commission, the ADA transition plan, and from the Department of Parks and Recreation around the Department’s current plans for inclusive recreation for all residents. In the coming year the Commission is committed to partnering with the community to advocate on behalf of Philadelphians with disabilities within City government and the citywide disability community.  

Together, the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities ensures that Philadelphians with disabilities are included in all facets of the community. We encourage residents and community partners to connect with the Office today. Sign up for our electronic mailing list and e-newsletter by completing this form or by calling the office at 215-686-2798.