Over the past year, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation completed 18 new places to play at sites across the city. Here are five highlights:

Deni Recreation Center

Joseph Deni Recreation Center
1381 Ruan St., Philadelphia, PA, 19124

The brand new play area here features updated equipment and safety surfacing, more seating areas, and improved landscaping. In addition to the new play area, the playground has an upper level of seating, including benches, game tables, and picnic tables.

Deni Playground

DeRitis Playground

Russell DeRitis Playground
5655 Grays Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19143

The redesigned play area at Deritis Playground features updated, inclusive play equipment. There’s also new safety surfacing, more seating options, and more plantings.

East Passyunk Community Center

East Passyunk Community Center
1025 Mifflin St., Philadelphia, PA, 19148

A new life-size musical instrument garden encourages active learning. New safety surface surrounds giant working instruments, like drums and a xylophone, to ensure safe and inclusive play.

East Passyunk Community Center musical play area.

McMichael Park

McMichael Park
3201 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19129

The new nature-inspired playground at McMichael has space to climb, swing, and practice balance.

McMichael Park’s new play area.

Nicetown Park

Nicetown Park
18th & Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19140

Children can now play interactive electronic games at Nicetown Park, thanks to the newly installed Yalp Arch. A new play area features inclusive equipment, and adults can enjoy new fitness equipment.

New play equipment at Nicetown Park.


View a map with descriptions of the play areas completed in 2020.