This blog post was written by Jillian Lopez, Volunteer Engagement Manager

At the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service, we know that volunteerism impacts our city every day in meaningful and crucial ways. We also know that volunteering has a great impact on the individuals who make the decision to serve.

This is why we are proud to host the Mayor’s Volunteer Corps (MVC). The MVC is a community of volunteers who commit to ongoing, high-impact service in Philadelphia. MVC members engage in ongoing volunteer service that is impactful and measurable. They also report their service hours to help us get a better understanding of the service landscape in the city and the impact of volunteers in our communities.

Our MVC members inspire us through their service daily and we believe that they’ll inspire others to serve and engage in their communities, too. This is why, before this year’s National Volunteer Month ends, we are excited to present the Mayor’s Volunteer Corps Zine.

The Mayor’s Volunteer Corps Zine is a new, seasonal webzine that features stories from our MVC members. We hope you’ll read the Zine, meet some of our MVC members, learn about what drives them to give back, and get inspired to find your own ways to engage in your community!