This document summarizes the process that is followed when bail is posted during evening hours:

Upon bail being posted, the release process for the respective newly released individual will commence.

The newly released individual will be permitted to call the person who posted bail or other loved one and arrange for transportation.

The person picking up the newly released individual may pick them up at the Septa bus stop across the street from the PDP campus.  The person picking up the individual should head to the PDP campus no later than two hours of posting the bail to await the individuals physical release from custody.  If the person posting the bail chooses to secure ride share or taxi services, are required to inform the service of the same information.

If the newly released individual self-discloses that they do not have transportation, they will be referred to the PDP’s transport service, and if they accept will be provided transportation.

The above will be available to all newly released individuals during the identified evening hours.

Persons posting bail and newly released individuals are urged to not make any communication disclosing release information inclusive of release time, location of facility and transportation information, or location where they will be dropped off to anyone other than the person picking them up.