During the pandemic, city residents have relied on Philadelphia Parks & Recreation’s green spaces. Park visitation is at an all-time high. Our parks continue to:

  • Provide safe space for exercise.
  • Allow families to have outdoor fun.
  • Serve as calming getaways.
  • Offer new trails to explore.

This month, Parks & Rec is rolling out a new Social Distancing Ambassadors Program. Parks & Rec employees will serve as ambassadors. They will offer a new way to:

  • Support residents.
  • Preserve our park space.
  • Help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Top seven ways Social Distancing Ambassadors will serve park visitors and the surrounding community:

  1. Greet park visitors.
  2. Provide a warm and welcoming environment for all.
  3. Track park usage, trash, and other site needs.
  4. Ensure that Parks & Rec is responsive to community needs.
  5. Provide visitors with information to keep themselves and others safe.
  6. Encourage safe park behavior such as making sure visitors:
    • Maintain six feet of distance between others.
    • Wear face coverings when possible.
  7. Practice what we preach. City of Philadelphia employees are wearing masks and practicing social distancing! Parks & Rec knows we are in this together and that we must lead by example.

Ambassadors will wear Parks & Recreation clothing with reflective vests. You’ll find them along Kelly Drive, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, and the Schuylkill River Trail. If you see them, please be sure to say hello!

We'll keep you posted about upcoming activities, programs like our Social Distancing Ambassadors, and more.