Philadelphia Department of Public Health Activates the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline

PHILADELPHIA–The Philadelphia Department of Public Health today announced activation of the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline. The Helpline can be reached by calling 1800-722-7112. The Helpline, free and available 24/7, is a resource that anyone in the Greater Philadelphia area, including the public and healthcare providers, are encouraged to use to help answer all of their questions about the COVID-19 coronavirus. Staffed by medical experts, the helpline will help answer questions, including:

  • Symptoms and risk factors for the coronavirus
  • What to do if you think you may have been exposed
  • Testing resources
  • Recommendations for social distancing

When you call the Helpline, there are four prompts, including an option for emergency situations. Each of the prompts will direct callers to information appropriate to their needs. If the caller needs more help, the HelpLine is fully staffed with trained experts who can provide guidance.

“Aside from washing your hands and staying away from people who are sick, one of the most important things people can do in a pandemic is to listen to trusted experts,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley. “While the Health Department and CDC are great resources, we know that sometimes people have questions that need to be answered by a trained healthcare professional. The Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline is the perfect way to get your questions about the coronavirus answered, whenever you’re ready to ask them.”

Funding and staffing for the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline has been provided by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

You can reach the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline by calling 1 (800) 722-7112.