The City is proud to share that it has received the 2019 Bike Apron from restaurant workers in support of protected bike lanes.

In providing the Bike Apron, Wolf Williams, manager at Abe Fisher, explained why supporting protected bike lanes is important to her and to the food service workers who signed the apron, the second presented to Office of Complete Streets staff.

“I believe that everyone has the right to safe transportation,” said Williams. “I’ve been hit by a car, and know multiple other people who have been too, and protecting the bike lanes would make riding a bike safer.”

For people who work in restaurants, riding a bike is especially important because it’s a reliable form of transportation. Many workers often end their shift after midnight, and SEPTA either stops running or runs infrequently at that time.

“It’s not safe to stand on a street corner late at night waiting for a bus, and using rideshare is expensive, especially for the back of house who make $10-12 an hour,” said Williams. “We need to make sure everyone in the restaurant industry — and in the city as a whole — can get to work safely and affordably, and protected bike lanes are a move in the right direction.”

Bike Apron in support of protected bike lanes

The 2019 Bike Apron features signatures from several Philadelphia restaurants including Fork,, Abe Fisher, Zahav, Russet, and Function coffee.

Here are ways that you can get involved in advocating for more protected bike lanes:

  1. Watch the oTIS Twitter and Facebook page for public outreach events where you live, work, and travel
  2. Get involved in your local civic association
  3. Voice your support to your Councilmember and other elected officials

The apron was received by staff in the City’s Office of Complete Streets housed in the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS). OTIS is committed to supporting Mayor Kenney’s second term goal of creating 40 miles of protected bike lanes.