Latasha Pearson began a career in early childhood education (ECE) 25 years ago. Choosing the ECE field was a natural choice for her, given her life-long love of working with young learners.

“I was always babysitting when I was younger. I was also a youth counselor and always enjoyed the beginning of education,” said Latasha. She also noted that pre-K is an important chapter in children’s learning and development. “Pre-K helps you out in life because it gives you an early start.”

Two years ago, Latasha was interested in moving her career forward, and contacted the Mayor’s Office of Education (MOE) to learn about employment leads.

Her timing was perfect. “I got an email from [PHLpreK Workforce Development Coordinator] Jade Wallace…about the education job fair that they were having.”

Latasha attended that job fair, and met Jade. The two have stayed in touch over the years, and Latasha has attended additional PHLpreK-sponsored ECE job fairs and mixers. The events allow her to network and seek new opportunities.

“From the moment Latasha called the office, I knew she was eager and passionate about working with young children and advancing her career,” said Jade. “Her presence at every Mayor’s Office of Education’s event demonstrates her ambition to gain resources that will propel her career aspirations.”

Since first calling MOE, Latasha has earned a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and is now an associate teacher at KenCrest. Before earning her CDA, Latasha worked as an assistant group supervisor, teacher’s assistant, and teacher’s aide. She said having a CDA can lead to salary increases and new job opportunities, and is a great preparation for college.

She’s applying to community college and hopes to study early childhood education. After that, she aspires to earn a Master’s degree, and eventually open her own pre-K center.

“My hope is that Latasha reaches all of her personal and professional milestones and continue to make an impact on young children,” said Jade.

Are you looking for to explore ECE career opportunities? Join our office for a job fair on Friday, July 12.  PHLpreK programs and School District of Philadelphia Child Care Partners will be on-site with job opportunities from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 440 North Broad Street.


Latasha recommends the event. “It is a great opportunity, it has a lot of resources available in terms of employment, and there are a lot of people to network with throughout the ECE world.”

“I’m glad that I reached out to the Mayor’s Office of Education and met everyone that I met,” said Latasha, “You guys are doing an awesome job and kudos to the Mayor and all of his associates.”

We are proud of your accomplishments, Latasha!