The Mayor’s Commission on African American Males (MCAAM) Releases Statement Regarding Bigoted and Racists Comments posted by Philadelphia Police Officers on Facebook

PHILADELPHIA — The Mayor’s Commission on African American Males released the following statement regarding hateful Facebook posts from Philadelphia Police Officers that were recently reported on by the Plan View Project:

“We, the Mayor’s Commission on African American Males (MCAAM), are deeply troubled by the online conduct of current City of Philadelphia police officers, as alleged by the Plain View Project. The comments were racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, wholly offensive, and illustrate a bias and intolerance which should be troubling to all. At a time when relations between law enforcement and diverse communities are fragile and often contentious, these types of vile comments show a mentality that leads to discriminatory policing, widens the justice gap, and further diminishes community trust.

“By the Philadelphia Police Department’s own definition, ‘the department’s values and members’ commitment to fulfill their duties with dignity and respect for others’ are paramount. Through their comments, these officers demonstrate a disdain for the very people they have sworn to serve and protect and illustrate an inability to properly perform their duties as a result.

“MCAAM applauds the statements from Mayor Kenney, Police Commissioner Ross, and District Attorney Krasner condemning these posts. MCAAM also strongly condemns these disgraceful comments. We understand that PPD is currently investigating these posts and the officers responsible. We urge them to make their findings public, and administer disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the force.

“Further, we reiterate our recommendation previously made to the Mayor and Commissioner Ross that the Police Department expand its implicit bias and anti-racism training for all departmental personnel and ensure annual, mandatory compliance.

“Commissioner Ross has also agreed to meet with MCAAM so we can support the Department’s efforts to increase trust and improve community relations. We look forward to meeting with the Mayor and Commissioner about these issues in the coming weeks.”