On March 26, more than 100 trans folks and allies joined together as we raised the trans pride flag at City Hall in recognition of Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV).  TDoV is an annual, internationally celebrated holiday dedicated to trans folks, honoring the work they’ve done, the losses they’ve endured, and the triumphs they’ve achieved.

Continuing our proud tradition of pioneering trans equality, Philadelphia was the first, and is still the largest, city to fly a trans flag at a municipal building.  

To further celebrate and honor the day, the City passed a resolution recognizing March 31 as Trans Day of Visibility in the City of Philadelphia. This resolution celebrates trans people and reinforces Philadelphia’s commitment to supporting, representing, and standing in solidarity with trans communities.

TDoV is an important time for centering and amplifying trans voices.  From social workers and activists, to nonprofit staff and board members, we heard from trans leaders doing amazing work for trans communities across Philadelphia. 

Joniece Greer, Kendall Stephens, Kevin Raysor, Valentina Rosario, Deja Alvarez, and Tatyana Woodard all spoke about their experiences navigating a cisnormative society and their visions for the future of trans rights.  We are so grateful for their vulnerability, their generosity, and their presence.

person holding a flag that says I will not censor myself to comfort your ignorance

The trans flag will be flying at City Hall until April 5, so be sure to stop by and witness Philadelphia’s historic display of trans pride at the country’s largest municipal building!  

To all of our trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming community members, we issue a heartfelt thank you for your leadership in the battle for LGBTQ+ rights.  Our office is committed to continuing to fight with you because the work is not done and visibility is not enough.

We see you and love you every day, not just today.  

Transgender rights are human rights!