January 4, 2019 marks the second anniversary of PHLpreK, the City’s free quality pre-K program funded by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. PHLpreK benefits children, families, small businesses, and all Philadelphians. Thanks to this year’s program expansion, the program’s social benefits are growing and will continue to expand with the program in the coming years. Here’s the full “by the numbers” update on the program, and some highlights below.

PHLpreK enrollment by the numbers

  • City-funded seats: 2250
  • Percent of seats full: 95%
  • Average PHLpreK student’s age: 3.5 years old
  • Households with income at or below 100% of Federal Poverty Level: 41%

PHLpreK providers by the numbers

  • PHLpreK providers: 85
  • Providers that improved their quality rating from STAR 1 or 2 to STAR 3 or 4: 35
  • Providers that are STAR 3 or 4 or equivalent: 81
  • Total seats in centers with significant quality improvements: 1850 (832 PHLpreK, 1018 other)

PHLpreK also serves employers and employees. If you’re looking for a career in ECE, PHLpreK is hiring!

PHLpreK workforce by the numbers

  • New PHLpreK positions since January 2017: 278
  • Number of PHLpreK teachers: 241
  • PHLpreK staff participating in continuing education and professional development: 132

PHLpreK parent and caregiver satisfaction by the numbers

  • Satisfied with teacher quality: 95%
  • Report child is better prepared for kindergarten: 96%
  • Would recommend PHLpreK to other parents: 99%

Is your child a PHLpreK student or graduate? Email education@phila.gov to share your PHLpreK story.

“This program’s impact on individual children and families – and on the early learning sector as a whole – will continue to pay off for years to come,” said Mayor Kenney. “In just two years, we’ve helped more than 4,000 children and their families build a foundation for long-term academic and economic success. And by investing in new jobs and professional development, we are helping small businesses grow. Looking at this report, I’m thrilled about what we’ve accomplished – especially because we’re really just getting started.”

Learn more about PHLpreK “by the numbers.” Check out this year’s full report below and then share with your networks!

Read the full 2019 PHLpreK by the numbers report here.