The Philadelphia Fire Department is reopening two stations this week that have undergone significant renovations and repairs: Squad 72 in Logan and Engine 53 in South Philadelphia. 

“Each of these buildings provided unique set of challenges and opportunities,” said Deputy Fire Commissioner Anthony Sneidar, who oversees logistics. “In the end, we were able to work with our great partners to create updated facilities that improve the work environment for the women and men who selflessly serve the community 24x7x365.”

In addition to receiving general refurbishments, these stations are the first in the city to house extractors and drying units – specialized washers and dryers for cleaning bunker gear, which can reduce the risk of cancer.   

Engine 53 / Ladder 27 / Medic 43 at 4th & Snyder has been closed since the discovery of a structural problem in the roof last year. The extensive repair work offered a chance to make other improvements at the 31-year-old station: 

  • New watch desk and furniture, including desks and bunks 
  • New electrical and heating & cooling systems for the building 
  • New floor and ceiling tiles 
  • Remodeled bathrooms 
  • Repainted walls 
  • Energy efficient lighting 
  • Parking lot improvements 

During renovations, Engine 53 operated out of Ladder 5 (Broad & Fitzwater); Ladder 27 was based at Engine 49 (13th & Shunk); and Medic 43 worked out of Engine 3 (Washington & Moyamensing). 

Squad 72 / Medic 24 at 12th & Loudon has undergone a complete overhaul. The fire company, which specializes in hazardous materials and technical rescue, also received a new apparatus in April. Among the station improvements:  

  • Asbestos abatement 
  • Addition of women’s locker room and bathroom 
  • Energy efficient lighting 
  • Better electrical system 
  • No-slip floor coating in apparatus bay 

Squad 72 and Medic 24 operated out of Engine 63 (13th & Oak Lane) before returning home on Thursday. ES-10, an EMS supervisor position based at Squad 72, moved to Ladder 30 in Roxborough during the renovations and will remain there. 

“We are proud to partner with Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel and the PFD in bringing much-needed upgrades and renovations to these important facilities,” said Bridget Collins Greenwald, Commissioner of the Department of Public Property. “From the state-of-the-art extractors and drying units, to better amenities for the daily lives of firefighters and EMS providers, these changes will set the standards for renovations of other firehouses in the future.”

Official reopening ceremonies for both stations will be planned in the coming weeks.