Mary and Wesley are proud PHLpreK parents. As soon as PHLpreK launched in January 2017 they enrolled their inquisitive four year old, Anja, into PHLpreK.

“Wesley and I had already discussed enrolling Anja into preschool, so I began doing research and asking around,” Mary shared. “That’s when a friend told me about the sweetened beverage tax and how it was funding free pre-K. I called immediately because it’s rare that I can specifically point to a policy that I have benefited from.”

After researching the 80+ PHLpreK programs throughout the city, the Keller family decided to tour PHLpreK provider, Educare Learning Center in West Philadelphia.

“Upon visiting Educare Learning Center and meeting the staff, who were friendly and excited about the curriculum, we became excited about the limitless possibilities for our daughter,” Mary said. “Anja had already been thriving at home learning as much as I could teach, yet she was hungry for more.”

Wesley works for the federal government while Mary takes care of their children at home. She says that being able to enroll Anja in PHLpreK was fate.

“For our family this was truly providence,” Mary shared with our PHLpreK team. “As we watch Anja grow physically with pride and joy, we have likewise seen her grow mentally, socially and emotionally. Her teachers, Ms. Alima and Ms. Deveney make her feel so loved and sheltered. This allows her to be compassionate towards her classmates.”

Anja is the middle child of the family. Their eldest son is in junior high and their youngest, Chase, is almost ready for pre-K.

“Chase is also benefiting from PHLpreK,” Mary added. “At Educare, parents are encouraged to volunteer, so Chase and I have stayed at school for a few hours. While I help out, Chase gets to see what school is like. Now he has as many friends as Anja, and we plan to enroll him in September!”

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