The Philadelphia Fire Department teamed up with Jack’s Firehouse during Restaurant Week to promote fire safety in city restaurants and home kitchens.

PFD companies are currently distributing fire safety checklists to restaurants citywide. These voluntary self-assessments aim to encourage responsible restaurant ownership and assure patrons and employees of a safe environment.

The checklist features more than 30 fire prevention tips covering restaurant design, operation, fire alarm/suppression systems and cooking. Among the recommendations:

  • Place fire extinguishers in kitchens and near areas with candles
  • Maintain clearly marked fire exits
  • Ensure the restaurant name and address is clearly marked on the exterior
  • Have smoke detectors and fire alarm systems for each enclosed room/area.

Many of the tips can also apply to home kitchens. Cooking is one of the leading causes of fire in Philadelphia and the U.S. Additional safety measures include:

  • Turning pot handles inward
  • Never leaving cooking unattended
  • Keeping the stove area clear of rags, paper towels and other flammable items
  • Having smoke alarms installed on each level of your home.

“These are really commonsense tips that you can employ anywhere, and we hope that everybody will – because fire is everyone’s fight,” said Fire Commissioner Adam K. Thiel.