Mayor's Office of Grants
Chief Grants Officer, Maari Porter

Our mission is to increase the City’s capacity and capability to compete for federal, state and philanthropic sector grants and to manage grant dollars with integrity and transparency. This office supports City Departments by working with them to improve coordination and collaboration, to evaluate the effectiveness of grant-funded projects, and to assist with grant writing when appropriate.

  1. Grants Office Staff:
    Maari Porter, Chief Grants Officer
    Christine Piven, Ph.D., Deputy Chief Grants Officer
    Hannah Klein, Assistant Grant Officer
    Michael Cecire


Mayor's Office of Grants website.

The Recovery Office provides oversight and monitoring for all American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) grant applications and grant implementation. It monitors and tracks how funds are spent and reports this information to federal and state agencies, as well as to the Mayor and the general public. The Recovery Office is now a part of the Mayor's Office of Grants.

For more information, please visit the Recovery Office's website.